Optimizing Your Team

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A different approach

We actually spent many years as a staffing agency. But we realized that many companies didn’t need more employees to get the job done. Most of the time they just needed to upskill their existing workforce and reassign roles based on individuals’ unique strengths and experiences.

Now as a consulting service, we both assess your current team and provide training for helping each member reach their full potential. Before we even consider looking outside your organization for new hires, our team of subject experts will analyze your business and make recommendations for improvement within.

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Cheerful employee at work holding a tablet.

StrengthsFinder 2.0

Employees who are able to focus on doing what they do best are often happier and more satisfied than those who feel their strengths are being wasted or overlooked.

One of the key tools we use is the CliftonStrengths assessment. We test each employee in your organization and compare the results to the employee’s current job functions. Then we use that information to help reassign certain roles and functions to employees based on their strengths.

When employees are functioning according to their strengths, their work will be better, and they’ll be intrinsically motivated to perform well.

As a result, general morale at your company will increase, which will directly impact productivity and profitability.

Help your employees play to their strengths.