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Company overview

Metforce is a team of subject experts that helps companies increase productivity by evaluating and refining their employees.

Instead of immediately turning to a staffing agency to hire new employees or temp workers, we help you evaluate and upskill your existing staff so that everyone is operating to their potential.

Then if there are still productivity gaps, we help you find best-fit new employees who will add value to the company as a whole.

Industrial workers on the job site smiling.

Group of people sitting in a cirle having a meeting.

The talents we build

Your company may not need a new employee to fill in that gap. You may just need to develop or reassign your current workforce.

  • Quality managers
  • Production managers
  • Supervisors
  • Human Resource managers
  • Plant managers
  • Accounting managers
  • Bookkeepers
  • Safety coordinators
  • Schedulers
  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Designers
  • Purchasing agents

Help your employees tap into their potential.